Thursday, September 16, 2010

Uncle Tim

I skipped class this Wednesday morning and went to Grand Rounds at Maine Medical Center. My teachers were in full support, though I would've gone regardless. If it had been Dr. G's physics class that I was missing I still would've gone...

Here's why: Grand Rounds were superbly given by Uncle Tim, and as nearly anyone who knows me is aware, he is one of my all-time heroes. I was so excited and proud to go hear him speak, after knowing Uncle Tim for longer than I can remember I knew that every person in that auditorium was about to hear something more valuable than they imagined. We all know Uncle Tim does not mince words. Right off the bat, opening sentence, he hit the crowd with Ellen White, and when advising on meat preparation that would minimize the presence of advanced glycation end products he suggested those who wanted to eat fish catch one quick and eat it right out of the stream. Even speaking to a crowd of medical professionals, he was clearly the same Uncle Tim who taught us all to carve spoons and study the Bible, who understands that the most important things in life have nothing to do with fancy degrees and high-paying jobs.

The rest of the talk was informative and finely presented, I enjoyed it immensely even without a medical degree with which to better comprehend it. It was inspiring to hear a doctor advising preventative, lifestyle-based changes rather than a list of medications- it made me start plotting how I could weave nutrition into my future career as a teacher/writer/semi-professional knife-thrower/event planner/business consultant/gardener/domestic goddess/evangelist. I look forward to the challenge...

It is an honor to have grown up with heroes such as Uncle Tim, and I know that I will continue to learn an immeasurable amount from them in years to come. God has richly blessed me.


Jonas said...


I'm so glad you went to Grand Rounds... I greatly wished I could've been there.

I'm mighty proud of Dad... he's one of my heroes as well!

Johonn said...

...domestic goddess?

Grand Rounds sounds really cool, I wish I could have heard it!

Adri said...

haha, Johonn..
Yes, and a knife-thrower, too..
never mind, it's a long story from when I first applied to Union.

But agreed, you both should have really been there, Uncle Tim did an admirable job!

Elwyn Garaza said...

Great blog entry! Your knack for it showed up here. Now I wish even more I could have gone.