Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Sabbath

I miss Metallak.

Things are peaceful and calm there, the pace is slower. While we were there, we used the minds and hands and voices that God gave us. We sang songs, carved things, took long walks, and spent time contemplating the enormity of God's mercy. This year I was personally challenged and comforted; prayers were directly and perceptibly answered. There were no cell phones or computers, and all the voices around me loved the Lord and only served to further direct my heart towards hearing His voice.

When I left for the island last week my facebook status simply read: "METALLAK". A friend of mine told me that they'd tried googling the word in order to understand what I was talking about but couldn't find anything helpful.

Exactly. It's the anti-google. Isn't that the point?


Ric said...

Wow, how interesting. You live in quiet ME and are drawn to the calmer, quieter anti-google.
Yeah, that's why I so desperately want to move to the country, away from this madhouse of so.CAL.
When we had the reunion last June at the cabin I felt the same thing: no internet, no phone, no media. I soaked in the quiet like a tree whose leaves had turned crispy for lack of moisture. And the week was just a trickle for me. I craved more.
I've felt lonely regarding finding people who even know about the anti-google, much less seek it.
it was refreshing to read your longing, one I lose sleep over: hearing His voice.
And I believe it is clearer than that of a man.

Elwyn Garaza said...

We have the privilege in living in the Presence of God if we are mindful and do not allow the world and its cares to hinder us.

Agreed, Adri. It is not only the world outside we want to find solace for. It is the turmoil inside as well.

Ps 119:165

Happy Sabbath!

david said...

I love how if shown that picture, any one of us who have been there will immediately know what it is.
I also love the concept of the Anti-Google. I'm working on finding more anti-googles currently ;)