Monday, September 6, 2010

Highlights of Summer 2010

Barry & Christy's beautiful and touching wedding,
Singing with my dear sisters,
Taking walks with Mum near Metallak island,
A week of natural beauty on the Richardson lakes,
Attempting to slack-line,

Meeting the lovely Kyle sisters at:
my darling Elizabeth's wedding to Claudio,
Camping on Whaleboat,
Rehearsal and performance of Prokofiev's piano concerto No. 1 with Michal at the piano [amazing],
Hanging out with Matthew and his extended family and an unfortunate farewell as he's off to Hartland,
Touring Boston with little sis and our two adopted brothers,
Getting to see MIT!
Spending many hours sailing with our able captain, Jonas :-)
Kristina's road trip up to Maine,

The Gelato Fiasco :-),
David & Brittany's emotional wedding AND med school graduation weekend,
Sleeping outside on Maine's wonderful coast,

Getting to talk to rarely-seen friends,
Hanging out at the Howe's house [far too infrequently],
Caring for many lovable and VERY energetic children for 17 weeks,

Getting to see some of the BEST FRIENDS ever after far too long,
Meeting new friends in Colorado,
Getting our exercise each Sabbath afternoon,
Playing in the concert!!
Taking a boat tour in Camden,
Meeting so many lovely people who came out to support and play for the concert weekend,
Taking walks in the rain,
Being with my absolute best friends ever...


Johonn said...


Ali said...

Wow, looks like you've had an awesome summer! Wait, is that Claudio Japas? I think he was on a mission trip with me way back in 1999. Crazy how everyone's connected, eh? The other volunteers and I have been discussing that over the past few days and think it's actually quite amazing when you really stop to think about it.

Elwyn Garaza said...

Hey, this is WAY better than a photo dump! Nice collection.

Christy Joy said...

like x's 2! Glad our wedding was one of your favs :) :)

Adri said...

Ali, that's hilarious! Yes, it's Claudio Japas-- where did you go with him?

And I am glad you all liked the pictures, this was a VERY blessed and busy summer..

Christy- your wedding was a blessing and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Thanks for having it in Maine just the same.. ;-)

Ric said...

sorry we didn't get to see you much at the cabin reunion. But what we did get together was nice. shopping together was nice too :)