Friday, September 3, 2010

Someone asked me on Formspring:


James Herriot books,
David Penner,
Uncle Tim,
Witty, dry humor,
Really odd writers like Ogden Nash,
Bill Hader as James Carville,
The last page of Smithsonian Magazine,
Certain commercials [like this one]
My family.


Movies that are alleged "comedies" but are actually just degrading and inappropriate,
People hurting themselves,
Youtube videos of cats heads getting cut off even if they're fake,
People who act air-headed because they think it's funny,
Sitcom-type humor that preys on the insecurities and dysfunctions of others in order to get a cheap laugh,
People who think they're funny,
Jim Carrey.

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Joel said...

official looking graphs about appropriate mullet-wearing are pretty funny too ;)