Tuesday, September 14, 2010

too many to count

I'm thankful:

-for my down comforter, which I don't even like to store in the summer
-for my adorable and hilarious brother who turned 29 on Sabbath
-to not have any 7 AM classes this semester
-that God knows what I need more than I do and finds ways to patiently get through to me
-for the fresh peach cobbler we ate yesterday
-that the turf war between my teacher and his colleague has ended, making my mornings less stressful
-for JOY
-for an understanding of the wonder of creation amidst classrooms full of evolution
-for a hope and a future in times of global uncertainty, and the ability to share them
-for surprise packages in the mail :-)
-for tomatoes from our own garden
-for all the gorgeous varieties of trees I'm enjoying studying
-for a wise, Godly mother
-for an inability to see the end of this list anywhere in sight...


Joel said...

I like your list:) Thanks for sharing. If I were to write one it would go something like this:
Clean water
Cool wind on a hot day
No light pollution, which = more stars to see
Good friends
That the adventures are just beginning...

Elissa said...

I especially love two and four...
and thirteen. All so true.
- a devoted revolutionist

Elwyn Garaza said...

The wonderful thing about lists like these is that it really helps the rest of us look (and put together) our own lists :-) Thanks!

Ali said...

You have an awesome list! Right now I'm thankful for:
-a place to cook food
-a multitude of babies to play with and love
-people who encourage me to learn and grow
-a mostly-reliable internet connection
-a blog to share my stories
-a headlamp for when the power goes out at night
-the opportunity to make a difference

Elissa said...

Oh, now I want to share my list, too! :)
-inspiring teachers!
-that God is the inspiration for everything (so I don't have to worry)
-that I got to meet someone I've been wanting to meet
-taking walks
-the miracle of memory
-my fam, who give me reasons to smile every day
I like your list, Joel... I've been appreciative of all those things at one time or another, though I love the last two the best.

P.S. Where's your list, Elwyn? I miss you.