Thursday, September 2, 2010


It's so hot here. At least by my standards- which, admittedly, do favor cold weather. And snow. And ice cream. :-)

I have spent far too many hours this week wedged into an over-filled 5th floor biochemistry classroom with no air conditioning or fans watching our teacher merrily walk back and forth in front of us rattling his ice water.

Biochemistry is a lovely class, and I know I will enjoy it greatly- but I'm ready for them to just cancel classes until the weather cools down...

The same goes for biostatistics, which is just about as hot, except that the classroom is on the 3rd floor and slightly less crowded. In that class there is a power struggle going on between my biostats teacher and the professor who teaches directly after him. Neither will yield a single minute of class time, and the other teacher will stand in the hall with his students at the end of our class waiting to get in and declare loudly and sarcastically that they 'shouldn't bother us because we still have 2 whole minutes of class time left.' This makes the already-meager 5 minutes in which I must run down 3 flights, across campus, and up 5 flights even shorter... My enjoyment of this class is not aided by the fact that I can barely understand a single word the professor says. He seems to be a nice man, and frequently sits on his desk and flashes us a knowing smile, but his accent is so thick that I have no idea what he's trying to tell us, he could be quoting poetry in Arabic and we'd be none the wiser... I thought I heard him say a few times [this is pure conjecture] that he's been teaching here for 20 years, but that just makes the current situation even more alarming... :-)

Oh well, life wouldn't be interesting if we were all the same, would it? And at least he doesn't holler at us.


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Elwyn Garaza said...

LOL! I remember these kind of classes from University. Of course California had A/C, but the accents weren't any better. Entertaining prose. Now WHY were holding out on all of us?